Nokia Camera Updated, No Longer Requires Lumia Black

Today Nokia has released a minor update for their Nokia Camera app. The update brings with it some bug fixes though nothing groundbreaking as the version has only been bumped from to

Nokia-Pro-Camera-app-24-1024x614An interesting thing that I noticed was that in my seemingly futile attempt to download the update on my Lumia 810 running Amber, the app gave me the option to download it! I immediately jumped on the chance, as I was under the impression that the app was only available for PureView phones or those running Lumia Black while everyone else was stuck with Nokia Camera Beta. As I downloaded the app, I noticed this nice little bit in the description:

“Nokia Camera works best on phones running the Lumia Black software update, but it works with limited functionality on phones with the Lumia Amber update. Find out more about the Lumia Black update online at”

So it looks like everyone else can jump in on the action and throw away their beta apps! Though how well the app works on non-Black phones versus the beta version is still unknown, as both apps state “limited functionality” on phones with the Lumia Amber update. I’ve been using the beta since it’s release and it seems to work just fine for me, except that photos are quite a bit noisier those taken with the proprietary camera app, and of course oversampling is not really an option on either version if you don’t have a PureView device. The app is exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices.

Nokia Camera AppNokia Camera App

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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