DerreLeaks: The Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center Gets Redesigned

New images of the Notification Center for Windows Phone 8.1 have surfaced, and it seems to have gotten a nice redesign.

Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center

It’s been long-rumored that the next major update to Windows Phone will include a notification center, and last year we’ve seen leaks of early builds. It seems that Microsoft has finally pinned down a design that they like. The screenshots above were taken from a confidential email that was sent around Microsoft detailing the features of the update, uncluding the notification center. Notably, it has been given the name “Action Center”, a nice way to differentiate itself from iOS and Android. Also included are shortcuts to settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and Car Mode, any of which can be changed to the user’s liking. We also see options such as ‘clear all’ for the notifications, and ‘all settings’ where the user can easily access the full list of settings. The description states that apps can intelligently manage notifications which includes the ability to silently add, delete, and update them, giving users much less intrusive ‘ghost notifications‘ that get added to the Action Center without being alerted to the user.

Windows Phone Blue
This screenshot shows the codename ‘Blue’ being used to address the new update

It is said that while using full-screen apps like games, accidental (or even intentional) swipes from the top of the screen will result in just the small blue bar showing instead of the full Action Center (similar to iOS), and can be forced down if necessary to display the full center. Also noted in the Action Center screenshots is the inclusion of the batter percentage (requested feature), the date and the carrier name in the top icon area.

Windows Phone 8.1 ‘Blue’ is likely to be detailed publicly by Microsoft at the Build conference on April 2nd, along with a developer preview similar to the one for Update 3.

Source: Winphollowers via WPCentral

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