Nokia US Teases Something New Coming, Verizon Lumia Icon Launch On The Horizon?


Nokia has just posted a teaser video on their YouTube channel, leading us to believe that they’re revving up for a new product launch!

The video is very simplistic, and only features text, posing the question “Have you heard what’s coming?” with the sounds of a motorcycle engine starting up. We’re then told to “See and hear what you’ve been missing” followed by the sound of said motorcycle zooming past. Watch it below:

Nokia has also taken to their Facebook account to tease us with a new banner (above) that states “Coming Soon” along with a darkened image of what appears to be a smartphone. With the Lumia Icon rumors and leaks circulating for over half a year, it is very likely that we will finally see this Verizon-bound phone launching at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. The motorcycle sounds from the video could be Nokia’s way of demonstrating the amazing audio quality with the rumored 3 HAAC microphones on-board.

The rumored specs that we’re expected to see with the Lumia 929 Icon are as follows:

  • Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.2GHz
  • 20MP PureView ZEISS Camera
  • 3 HAAC Microphones
  • 5-inch Full HD AMOLED display, 1080 x 1920
  • 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (no micro SD)
  • Dual LED Flash
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • ISIS Mobile Payment Support
  • Available in glossy white or matte black

The fact that this is all being teased only on Nokia US’ sites gives it more credence that we’re seeing a US-only launch. Will you be picking one up when it does?

Source: Facebook

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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