Nokia Treasure Tag App Released; Requires Lumia Black To Work


It seems like it was just yesterday when I was reporting the potentially imminent release of this app. Oh wait… It was yesterday.

Nokia Treasure Tag

Yesterday it was going around that an internal beta version of the Nokia Treasure Tag app had hit the Windows Phone store, which indicated that we may soon see a public release. Seems we were right and the app has just been made available!

The goal of this app is to make it easier to keep track of your things. Using the Treasure Tag accessory, you could attach it to your keys or a backpack or something that you wish to keep track of, and your phone will track it through the use of NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. If you were to accidentally leave your item behind, the tag will alert your phone, and you’ll know you’ve left it before you’ve passed the point of no return. Pretty handy, and I know some people who could make good use of this (ehem, mum!).

Nokia Treasure Tag AppSetting up is fairly easy, just connect through NFC/Bluetooth and you can label your tag on the app with something like “My keys” as shown above. You can choose what kind of alerts you want, whether through your phone’s audio or vibration, or an audio alert on the sensor. The app also utilized HERE Maps and LiveSight augmented reality view to make retracing your steps a lot easier. Just open up the map view within the app and it will show you the last area in which your phone “talked” to the tag.

treasure-tagThe app allows you to connect multiple devices so you make make sure you don’t lose anything important. Each of these separate devices can be pinned to the start screen for easy access to updates on your belongings. Here’s the full description as shown on the app:

Requires the Lumia Black software update. Whether you’ve lost your keys, misplaced your gym bag or forgotten what street you parked on, Nokia Treasure Tag helps you keep track of your belongings with intuitive visual and audio guidance.

Simply put tags on the things you treasure most and install this app on your phone. Now if you leave something behind, you’ll know where it is.

How it works:
– Put Nokia Treasure Tags on your favorite belongings
– Connect tags to your phone via Bluetooth Smart
– Your phone alerts you if you’re about to leave something behind
– Audio alerts mean you can use your phone to find a tag, or a tag to find your phone
– Maps from HERE service and LiveSight-compatible phones let you use augmented reality to find your belongings
– Pin your favorite tags to Start as live tiles for quick access and status updates

Nokia Treasure Tags require a Bluetooth Smart connection and a Nokia Lumia running the Lumia Black software update. To get the latest software updates for your phone, go to Settings > Phone Update. You can also find out more about the Lumia Black software update online at

Exclusively for Nokia Lumia

Lumia Black is required in order to use the app. Unfortunately, I have a Lumia 810, and as I mentioned yesterday, this seems to be the only phone not receiving the update. If you haven’t yet received the update, and choose to download the app, you’ll be met with this message:With the release of the app, we can now expect the accessory to see a launch soon, potentially at Mobile World Congress 2014 later this month. Visit the Windows Phone Store to check out the Treasure Tag app.

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Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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