Nokia Lumia 810 Still Forgotten, No Lumia Black Update In Sight #ForeverAPhone

I’ve been writing for Nokia Innovation for a little while now. I’ve also been a long-time T-Mobile customer, and even longer-time Nokia enthusiast. One of my first posts though was one that I lent over to My Nokia Blog (which you can read here) and highlighted my problems with Nokia, T-Mobile, and the Lumia 810. I won’t go into too many details of the rant, but it basically explained my disappointment in the former two entities for seemingly ignoring their first collaborative Windows Phone 8 device.

Nokia Lumia 810

The Lumia 810 launched alongside the Lumia 920 and 820 (albeit a little later), and was T-Mobile’s only offering with Microsoft’s new-and-improved OS, besides the HTC 8X. Unfortunately the device was seemingly forgotten by both companies. Not only did it not receive any form of marketing, it was also not given LTE compatibility, and was discontinued only 4 months after it launched. Unfortunately I purchased the device a month before this happened and have been seemingly stuck with it.

Nokia Astound CELULAR_NOKIA_LUMIA_710_PRETO_.....__08451_zoom

The biggest issue I had though was updates. And for anyone who has owned a T-Mobile Nokia smartphone, then you feel my pain. Going back, T-Mobile has crippled Nokia devices all the way back to the 5610 by removing its front-facing camera. Then there was the Nokia 5230 Nuron, which was sadly behind the international versions in terms of software. Then the C7 Astound, which did not get the Symbian Belle update, which would have greatly enhanced the experience. And who could forget how T-Mobile famously refused to push the Windows Phone 7.8 update to the Lumia 710, which at one point was their 3rd best-selling phone and saw heavy marketing pushes from the company! Well it seems T-Mobile is at it again with the Lumia 810.

Lumia Black Avaiability - North AmericaThe image above was taken from the Nokia Support page, which shows the availability of the latest update on each carrier to their respective devices. In this case, that update is Lumia Black, which started rolling out last month. It seems that the Lumia 810 is the only WP8 Lumia in the US that is listed as “not available”, meaning that Nokia and T-Mobile are not even going to try to give it to us.  The lower-end Lumia 521 is even “waiting for approval”, and given its popularity, will most likely receive it along with the Lumia 925. Aio Wireless, the no-contract wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T, is even in the process of approval for the Lumia 620, a device that has also seen virtually no push in the US.

I must say, I’m quite sad that T-Mobile has chosen to continue on its no-update-for-you rampage for us Nokia users. I’m still in the process of paying off my Lumia 810, and at this point I see it as almost pointless to pay a total of $500 for a discontinued phone that receives little to no support from both Nokia and T-Mobile. I would upgrade to a 925, but with MWC2014 around the corner and Microsoft Build coming in a couple months, I wanna hold out to see if I can get a better option later.

Any 810 users out there who feel my pain?

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. T-Mobile should pump some of the energy they have right now into actually pushing updates to their devices. I switched to AT&T for better coverage, couldn’t go back now.

  2. T-Mobile in the UK (now merged with Orange to create EE) weren’t any better. I remember my first smartphone, the Nokia 5800 received a big update V51 I think it was which brought kinetic scrolling, anyway I remember I had to change my product code to get that.

  3. I’m an Lumia 810 owner – it’s a great phone in some ways, and arguably better than the 820 that came to AT&T, though certainly more angular. I’m suprised more hasn’t been made of the first casualty (in terms of not getting updates) of the WIndows Phone 8 era being the 810. I’d like to hope that T-Mobile will continue to support Windows Phone though i sometimes wonder if relations with Nokia soured a little due to AT&T getting all these exclusives – a move i understand, but ultimately think was a mistake for Nokia.

    Anyway, i’m sad and dissapointed that i’ll get no black. I at least have GDR3 throuh the developer preview program, and i suppose there’s a chance i’ll get WP8.1 through the same route when it comes, but yeah it’s less than 14-15 months old, and i got mine 13 months ago (after the 710 WP 7.8 fiasco). It really should be getting updates, but maybe i should have learned better from the 710 experience.

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