Lumia Outselling iPhone, Quarter by Quarter By 3 Million

I made this comparison before, comparing the sales of Nokia Lumia devices against those of the iPhone in the corresponding quarter, Example; Quarter 4 2013 was the ninth quarter of Lumia availability against iPhone sales in their ninth quarter of availability which was Quarter 2 2009.

This is by no means a fair comparison for a number of reasons, price points, market trends and so on, but it still makes for interesting reading. The graph below shows how the two brands of smartphones have performed in their first nine quarters.


To add up the numbers overall, in the first 27 months of Lumia sales a total of 44.2 million devices sold, compared to the iPhone which sold 26.4 million in their first 27 months. A look at iPhone numbers further on shows that it took Apple another two quarters to reach the sales of Lumia revealed in yesterdays earning report.

So while it was disappointing to see Lumia sales dipped in the last quarter it is worth noting that their sales are actually growing quite a bit faster than the iPhone did.

Source iPhone sales via Macrumors Nokia Figures via Nokia Financial

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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