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Regular readers of Nokia Innovation maybe familiar with Lars Klint, a programmer and developer whose PluralSight Windows Phone App Writing tutorials have been covered on our site (Windows Phone Testing and Error Management and Windows Phone Apps that Stand Out). Lars also writes his own blog, klint.co and published a post last week entitled 10 Reasons Why Windows Phone is Superior which makes some very interesting points on the pluses of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Lars compiled the list after a friend of his, a long time iOS user switched over to Windows Phone, which made him think “why he changed and why others would make the switch, not just from iOS, but from other platforms as well.” So, we thought we’d share his 10 reasons and a segment of his explanations here. Lars points out that “this list is highly subjective and is a view on what I think makes the platform stand out” and invites those with different opinions or suggestions to leave a comment below his post.

1 Nokia Lumia Devices

My absolute favourite physical thing about the Windows Phone universe are the devices from Nokia. The Lumia devices are extremely well built, they look amazing and they are pushing the boundaries all the time… When I have shown the camera and related apps on the phone, all but the most hardcore Apple fanboy is truly impressed

2 Eco System

One of the reasons I believe so much in the Windows Phone platform is because of the eco system. Microsoft is the only company that has managed to create a complete environment that caters for business, private (users) and consumers… No other eco system can provide all of these with one experience.

3 Start Screen

This screen of square live tiles is the biggest advantage and differentiator of the operating system. The philosophy of “glance and go” makes so much sense in a day-to-day life where information is thrown at us all the time.

4 Hub Integration

No more opening one service at a time to check what is new.

5 Business Integration

There is full integration with user management, exchange and you can even set up a corporate Store to distribute internal apps for your own devices.

6 Driving Mode

When set up, once your phone connects to a specific Bluetooth connection your phone is muted. This means that if you connect to the Bluetooth in your car, you will not be distracted by notifications, text messages and phone calls. You can alternatively choose to enable text messages and phone calls if you have the appropriate equipment to answer calls. You can even set up an automatic text message that is sent to mobiles calling you.

7 Kids Corner

As the adult/administrator of the phone you choose which apps are available on Kids Corner, and any notifications are hidden so your part of the phone stays happy and intact. Kids can customise the screen as they want, and they often feel it is “their phone” when using it. This makes a great difference and I have no hesitation in handing over my device

8 Location Sharing

Windows Phone has an integrated feature in the message app that lets you send your location as a map. It is a fully interactive map that you can send with a message. If the recipient has a Windows Phone device they will receive a fully interactive map too.

9 Groups

You can set up a group for your sports team, user group, family or whatever makes sense. It is super simple to do as well. Just go to People Hub -> All -> New and add your contacts. You can then easily send group texts, emails or even chat.

10 Rooms

Rooms are private invitation only sections, where you can share photos, appointments and chat in a private setting. It does require all members to have a Windows Phone to get full functionality, but it works really well in a family scenario. You can share family photos, a calendar and even notes. Share the shopping list in a central location and all members can add to it.

You should read Lars’ post for the full explanations where he goes into much more detail.

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