Nokia Release DNG Colour Profiles For Lumia 1520 and 1020

Nokia have released three colour profiles for Lumia 1020 and 1520 users, who shoot their photographs in RAW DNG format.

The three profiles which can be used with Adobe Lightroom are flash profile, fluorescent profile, and daylight-halogen profile. For an idea of the differences colour profiles can make to a photo, see the picture below the left side of the the image has the default colour profile, while the right side has the Flash Profile.


If you are not familiar with colour profiles (like myself), here is an explanation from Nokia Conversations and Juha Alakarhu, the head of imaging technologies at Nokia:

What is a DNG color profile?

A raw DNG image file contains a lot of information about the image such as camera details, exposure settings, date, and so forth. A color profile tells even more information about the image – specifically how Adobe Lightroom should convert the colors of the raw image file.

The DNG file always includes the default color profile. The default profile in Nokia DNG files can be used for all kinds of lightning.

What are the benefits of using a DNG color profile?

Working with raw files and adjusting the colors in raw conversion always means a little bit of extra work, but it’s a process of love. When I’m using a color profile though, I can avoid some of that manual work by simply selecting the correct profile from the menu.

For example, if I know I’ve taken an image using a flash (built-in or external), I can select the flash color profile that will make it easier and quicker to get the colors perfect in that image.

You can still continue using the default profile embedded in the DNG file, and not worry about the specific color profiles we published today. The color profiles are for real enthusiasts anyway, but I guess that’s what we are here in Nokia, Juha laughs.

Nokia Conversation’s post has some advice about using these profiles, you can read it by clicking HERE

The profiles for the Lumia 1020 can be downloaded from HERE and for the 1520 HERE, You can get download and installation instructions for Adobe Lightroom from HERE.

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