Quiet Hours updated again!

Another day, another update for this superb app!

2nd update in 2 days!
2nd update in 2 days!

In this latest update, the UI changes again, and now you can pin a tile to toggle Silent mode on/off. A great, super-quick way of just saying, no sounds right now please!

Different UI again today!
Different UI again today!


Toggle to 'Silent' mode quickly
Toggle to ‘Silent’ mode quickly


Toggle back to your previous ‘Normal’ mode

Also, rather brilliantly I think, you can pin a tile for a set volume level. You might want to pin a really high volume number like 30, so that you can quickly set it to ‘Loud’ for when you’re out on the street, for example.

Quick toggle to set the volume - my choice is 22
Quick toggle to set the volume – my choice is 22

Looks like we’re getting a little bit closer to good old Symbian ‘Profiles’ at last!


Grab the app from here:

Windows Phone Store

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  1. You can even add multiple volume tiles to your Startscreen. I have one for silent (0), one for quiet (10) but not silent, one for normal (20) and one for Loud (30).

    Next, hopefully we will have multiple scheduled events and ability to set day of week along with time of day.

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