New Photo of Nokia’s Dual Sim Normandy Device, Revealing App Grid



A new photograph of Nokia’s so far unannounced but heavily reported low end device, code named Normandy has been leaked on Chinese website WPDang, showing the app grid, albeit with most of the app icons blurred out.

The existence of the Normandy phone, which reportedly runs a heavily customised version of Android, has been questioned by some, and passed off as just a prototype device which may never make it to market. While this photo doesn’t answer any questions it is interesting to see how things may look if Nokia, who are in the process of selling their Devices and Services division to Microsoft, do carry on with this phones release.

One interesting thing to note is that there is no logo visible, Nokia or otherwise, but you can clearly see the “Back” capacitive button like what is found on current Asha 5XX devices. But the icons which are visible are clearly different to those currently in use by Nokia on their Series 40 handsets.

My view, could Normandy be a device built and leaked as a way of convincing the world that Nokia have clear plans to carry on as if the Microsoft deal isn’t their only destination? Apparently this is something they need to prove in order to gain regulatory approval.

Source WPDang, WPCentral