DerreLeaks: Another ‘Moneypenny’ Screenshot; Lumia 635 Variant

Last week we got out first full screenshot of the alleged Nokia ‘Moneypenny’ start screen. This device is believed to be the first dual-SIM [Windows Phone] Lumia from Nokia, and we expect to see it launch in emerging markets such as those where the Asha line is popular. Rumor has it that this device will come in two variants, the 630 and 635, the former as a dual-SIM and the latter as a single SIM device. The latest leak further proves that we will see two versions of this upcoming budget Lumia device.

Lumia 635 MoneypennyAs you can see from the photo above, the photo differs from the 630 screenshot in a couple ways, namely the information found in the status bar at the top. When compared to last week’s photo of the 630, we notice that instead of two 3G network icons, we see just one indicating a connection to a 4G network. This further supports my claim that we could see this variant launch in Europe, though I still feel it unlikely to see it come stateside (but I wouldn’t mind being wrong in this case). We also get the time on the start screen clocked in at 6:35, which basically tells us that we are, in fact, looking at the Lumia 635 ‘Moneypenny’. And like the 630, we expect on-screen virtual Windows navigation keys that are likely to be supported with the next major iteration of Windows Phone 8.

Still no word on when these devices are to be expected. We could see some announcement at MWC 2014, with Windows 8.1 to be fully unveiled at the Build conference in April, but with the impending Devices & Services divestment, it’s hard to say who this device will be branded under.

Source: @evleaks

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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