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We were recently contacted by app developer Chris Martin about reviewing his Shoppers Calculator app on Windows Phone. So I started trying the app a couple of weeks ago, and first used it when doing our weekly shopping trip. It actually came in very handy due to fact that I had a minimum spend in order to take part in a festive promotion being offered by the supermarket. I have since used the app a few more times and over all am impressed with what I have found.

Naturally a calculator, like the one which comes as standard on a Windows Phone is a great tool for keeping tabs on what you spend, but where the Shoppers Calculator comes in handy is giving you a range of Special Offer input options, for example “B.O.G.O.F” (Buy One Get One Free), Buy One Get One Half Price, % off item, etcetera. You get 8 options with the free app, with the option to purchase the Discount Pack for a small price.

The Good

Using Shoppers Calculator is a simple, straight forward affair. Adding discounts to your sub totals as you go along is easy, and lots of offers are catered for. I was very pleased to see that even if your shopping trip is interrupted by a phone call, or a text message, or for any reason you have to put the app in the background, when you bring the app back up on screen again, it resumes from where you left off, even remembering which button you last pressed, for example the “Plus” or “Discount” button. What was even better to see was that after going back to the app a good few days after last using it, long since it got dropped from the Fast App Switching/Multitasking Screen the app resumed with the calculations and totals from when I last used it, you actually have the option in the settings to do this or not.

Other pluses in favour of this app are that the number buttons follow the theme you have set for your Windows Phone, you can set orientation, and, if you really want to, you can label each value, like a receipt. You also have the option to remove products/values from your sub total.

Shoppers Calculator is full of features to help personalise it to fit your needs. It runs smoothley, starts up quickly, and in the time that I used it, did not seem to suffer from any bugs.

The Not So Good

If I had to find a critism of Shoppers Calculator, I would perhaps say the UI could be improved. It works perfectly fine, and the keys are large enough, but it doesn’t have a particularly modern design. As I am struggling for negatives to say about this app, I will point to the fact that when I powered down my device and turned it back on again the app had lost the previous calculations. This may be an issue if your battery is running low, but I imagine not anything the developer can do much about.


Shoppers Calculator is a good app for anyone wanting to keep an eye on their shopping totals. Chris Martin, the developer (not the lead singer of Cold Play AFAIK) has his own blog, which you can read HERE. He has uploaded a video of Shoppers Calculator in action, which you can watch below. If you want to download it to either your Windows Phone 7.X or 8 device from the Windows Phone Store, click HERE.

The apps description is as follows:

Keep track of your total as you shop. This easy-to-use app features labels, 8 types of discount, landscape and portrait orientations, and sales tax rates.

New in this release:
– Bug fixes

– Familiar calculator-style look and feel
– Landscape mode and orientation lock
– Labels
– Discounts, including Value off total, % off total, Value off item, % off item, Buy One Get One, Buy One Get One half off, 2 for amount, 2 for exact amount.
– Additional discounts available through the Discount Pack IAP
– Support for multiple Sales Tax rates
– ‘Get my rate’ feature can get the sales tax rate for your location with the tap of a button (USA only)
– See items you have added while you add new items.
– See summary information like the total, the number of items, how much tax is added, etc.
– Change the quantity of an item.
– Update or remove items.
– Set sales tax rates and choose to have tax apply to items as you add them.
– Subtract discounts from the total.
– Save your items on exit

Keep track as you shop with this handy tool!

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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