DerreLeaks: Moneypenny update, Lumia Icon, Nokia Spinel

There have been a number of updates from @evleaks within the past day regarding upcoming unannounced Nokia devices. First we have the Lumia Icon, which is just a rebranded Lumia 929 that has been ever-so delayed by Nokia and Microsoft.

Lumia Icon accessory cardAccording to a tip he received, @evleaks posted the above photo of what he claims to be a Lumia Icon accessory card for Verizon Wireless. I have no idea what that means, or what this photo is actually showing, all I can deduce are 3 blurry squares and a triangle thing. Guess we’ll have to wait until mid-January (allegedly) to find out…

We also got mention of the Nokia “Spinel”, a codename we’ve not heard before, but it doesn’t seem to matter anyways because he’s already cleared that one up for us. We should expect this to be the Asha 230, which makes me wonder if we’re gonna see another QWERTY phone from Nokia, since just about all the other Asha devices in the 200 range are also QWERTY phones.


Lastly we have a little more information on the mysterious Moneypenny that was first brought up back in November. The above tweet indicates that this will come to the market as the Lumia 630 or 635, which seems to suggest both US and international variants? This is also the first Lumia in the 6xx range that we’ve seen since the 625 which was released back in August. The fact that this is a mid/low-range device gives credence to the speculation that this may include on-screen Windows buttons that were earlier unveiled by @evleaks, as opposed to capacitive hardware buttons that we’ve seen thus far. This is of the many soft/hardware requirement updates that we expect to see in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) update, and one that can reduce manufacturing costs by just slapping the buttons on the screen, similar to Android.

How these devices will fair the upcoming Nokia/Microsoft division transfer, is beyond me, but if we are to see them get released then we should expect to see them very soon.

Source: @evleaks

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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