Nokia to Release 8.3″ 1080p Tablet


No sooner has the Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet started it’s global roll out and signs are already pointing to another Nokia tablet being on it’s way, an 8.3 inch 1080p device with a nano sim, going by the product code RX-115.


The RX-115 has appeared on, where it is labelled a Cellphone, presumably due to the mobile connectivity, but the 8.3 inch screen confirms it as being a tablet. We heard talk of an 8 inch tablet coming from Nokia which went by the code name “Illusionist” following a tweet from evleaks back in November and it looks fairly likely that the RX-115 is that device.

According to evleaks, the Illusionist will be another Windows RT device, taking Nokia further into the quest of making the platform, which looks just like Windows 8 Pro but with limitations as to what apps can be installed, as relevant as they made Windows Phone with their excellent Lumia range of devices. If anyone can do it Nokia can, with their mix of exclusive apps like Nokia Camera and Story Teller together with excellent hardware designs.


The name “Lumia 2020” has been suggested by some as a possible title for an 8 inch Lumia tablet. We will be looking out for more on this one, and bring it to you when we get it.

Source: Techcrunch

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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