DT-601 Wireless Charger Now Available from Online Retailers



Nokia’s new wireless charging pad, the DT-601 which is smaller and lighter than DT-900 pad, is now on sale from various on line retailors. Amazon UK have priced it for around £39.99, along with Clove. You can get it from Expansys for £44.99. Be sure to check your local Amazon site if you are not in the UK.

We were able to get a look at the DT-601 in Lenny’s accessories video from Nokia world, which you can watch below. The DT-601 in covered around 1 minute 55 seconds in, but watch the whole thing to see some of the other chargers which we can expect to see soon.

DC-601 Specifications

Thickness: 9 mm
Cable length: 150 cm
Diameter: 65 mm
Weight: 55 g


Charging connectors: USB

Power Management
Wireless charging standard: Qi compatible

Source AAWP