Nokia Introduces the Lumia 525 (Video)

The long-rumored Lumia 525 was officially announced by Nokia as it appeared in a new promo ad on Youtube.

Nokia Lumia 525

We’ve seen the device leaked a few times, even by Nokia accidentally. Now we can put a face to the next version of the budget Lumia 520/1. It’s basically the same design as its predecessors, though from the images the back cover looks a lot more glossy, giving the low-cost device a premium look. The only notable difference between this device and the Lumia 520/1 is the added RAM, which bumped up to 1GB for better management of apps. Check out the video below:

The promo also features the Coloud Boom headset, which were introduced back in July as part of a partnership between Nokia and Zound Industries. It’s one of 3 budget-friendly headsets that were customized exclusively for Nokia, and its inclusion in the 525 video make me wonder whether or not it will be included in the box with the device.

So far, Nokia Conversations has been mum on any details of the announcement, so pricing and availability is currently unknown, but we’ll keep an eye out with details as they arrive! Meanwhile, you can check out the specs at Nokia’s global site.

Update: Nokia Singapore has stated on their FaceBook page that the device will be available December 14th for SDG249 (approx. $199USD). The 525 will come in a glossy orange, yellow, and while as well as matte black.

Sources: YouTube

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