Bring Grindr to Windows Phone (Part 2): Submit a Request! #MobileEquality


Grindr on Windows Phone

So yesterday I went on a bit of a tangent on why Windows Phone needs a (good) Grindr app. You can go read it here if you already haven’t, but to summarize, it would be beneficial for both parties since Windows Phone has seen healthy growth in its adoption rate as well as app selection, and Grindr would no longer isolate potentially millions of LGBT Windows Phone users (and potential WP adoptees). Well I tweeted it over to @GrindrSupport, and was met with this response:

Okay, so glossing over the fact that they called it “Windows Mobile” *shudders*, the link takes you to a page where you can submit a platform request if you just so happen to not have an iOS, Android, or Blackberry OS device (so yeah, Blackberry 10 users are out of luck too… but then again, what’s new?). All you have to do is select which operating system you use, enter your email, then your first and last name. Simple enough.

Interestingly, I’ve never seen this page before, and the previous platform request page is a bit outdated (no option for WP8, and it still makes mention of Palm as if it still exists). I also came across a post from WMPoweruser that pointed out a tweet from Grindr in response to someone asking if there was any change for a WP7 app, to which they responded “Yes, we are working on it”. Now this was before Windows Phone 8 was released, so obviously things have changed, but this indicates that there were plans to bring the app to Windows Phone. Why they stopped working on it is beyond me, especially because Windows Phone 8 is a much better OS than its predecessor.

That said, if you would like to see Grindr come to Windows Phone, you can migrate over to this link to submit a request. You can also help by petitioning on Twitter, where a user named @opticon9 took the initiative and started a new hashtag movement called #MobileEquality:

Not only can it be used to petition any company that has an app on iOS and Android but not Windows Phone, but in this case it can also span beyond that, representing equality for all people, which is a stance that Grindr proudly supports. So rewteet his tweet, spread the word, and make your own request to @Grindr on bringing an app to Windows Phone, by including the Mobile Equality hashtag. To quote @opticon9’s comment on WPCentral, “The social movement is in your hands!”


Platform Request Page:

Sources: WMPoweruser


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. Even if they don’t plan to release it on a certain platform, they would clearly still say they intend to…

    Given that Windows phones prefer native apps, maybe the drag-and-drop developer kiddies simply can’t handle real coding…

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