Rumor: Lumia 1820 and Nokia Lumia 2020 to be unveiled at the MWC 2014?

While the 1520 and 2520 are just round the corner for another big release from Nokia, we have got yet another seep out of what is coming next from Nokia. It was not our regular informer this time but, it’s from an unpredictable source. We have got many rats around us, creating rumors every now and then, so I am taking a chance rather than waiting to check if this is a rumor or not!

According to the previous leaks, Nokia is said to be working on an 8 inch Tablet code named “illusionist”, now the current rumor discloses that illusionist is Nokia Lumia 2020 in the making! This device is said to run on the same Snapdragon 800 processor as that of Lumia 2520 and said to have higher pixels on display than the 2520. The rumor confirms that, 2020 will also have stylus support.

While this is in the tablet zone, the same tipster has informed about the successor of Nokia Lumia 1520. This was said to be the Lumia 1820. We are yet to get solid proof apart from the below image which was considered as a fake Image earlier.


This leaked image doesn’t have Nokia’s sign printed anywhere and this displays the Cortana – SIRI like, at its service! This image was leaked long back however; we are yet to get solid details about the 1820. We also have loads of post referring this as a hoax, still not sure what Nokia is formulating next!

So as of now, we cannot confirm anything. Conversely, the tip says

“Lumia 2020 will be the name of Nokia’s rumored 8-inch Tablet. This Tablet will run on Snapdragon 800 and will have a 1080p resolution display. It will be faster and have higher PPI display than Lumia 2520 and will come with stylus support. This Tablet and Nokia’s next imaging flagship Lumia 1820 with metal unibody and Lytro-style camera will be unveiled during MWC in 2014”.

The tip confirms that both the new device will be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 at Barcelona. We have also heard from the earlier post that the illusionist would be released early 2014 so here we have some light on the announcement of the illusionist. We do not have enough confirmations to prove the above facts, so as I had already mentioned, I do not want to miss this!

Keep In Mind This Is Just A Rumor So Far.

Via: NPU

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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