Lumia 1520’s Amazing Sound Recording Demonstrated


Nokia has a reputation for producing excellent hardware, and this is no accident. The Lumia 1520 carries on this tradition, hosting FOUR high-performance digital microphones and judging from the video below, the quality of the sound recorded on them is amazing.

Nokia’s Conversations blog have written a post explaining how and why the Lumia 1520 can produce videos which such clear sound. As found on earlier Nokia Lumia devices such as the 920 and 1020, the 6 inch Windows Phone 8 device has what Nokia call Nokia Rich Recording. This means that, due to the High Performance microphones Nokia phones can record sounds at higher and lower frequencies than any other smartphone (HTC had a go, but couldn’t quite pull it off). To get technical, Rich Recording records from ca. 20Hz to 20 KHz in frequency spectrum.

The video below featuring Finnish group Niila and their song “Bottle of Wine” was recorded using six Lumia 1520 prototypes, and the audio was not adjusted at all during the editing.

It is suggested you use headphones to get the full effect.

Nokia’s Conversations post has Heikki Sassi, head of the audio technology management team for Lumia talking about what makes the Lumia 1520 and it’s microphones so special. Have a read of it HERE

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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