DerreLeaks: New Leaked Codenames Hint at More Devices From Nokia

Nokia’s Devices & Sales Division may be nearing its potential sale to Microsoft, but that isn’t stopping the company from keeping several devices in its pipeline. The guy we all know and love @evleaks has just tweeted a list of new Nokia product codenames for us to ponder over while providing no additional information.


It’s hard to tell whether or not the names are any indication as to what we’re to expect from these devices. Moreover, we don’t know which are Lumia devices, Asha phones, or accessories. We already have the Lumia 525, Nokia Guru stereo bluetooth headset, Lumia 929, and the recently rumored Illusionist tablet floating around, all of which (minus the latter) already have a number of leaked photos to accompany them. Beyond that, these are completely new devices for us to obsess over.

Verizon Lumia 929
The leaked Lumia 929 slated for Verizon Wireless is believed to see a launch later this month, after having been left out of the Nokia world 2013 lineup.

With AT&T getting most of the Nokia love, and Verizon soon getting its share, it would be nice to see a new flagship come to T-Mobile US, a carrier who has supported Nokia devices for a long time. @AliQudsi from MyNokiaBlog reported before that sources indicate T-Mobile may not be getting Nokia’s latest devices, an odd move for the carrier who has seen sales of the Lumia 521 pushing Nokia onto the Top 5 list in the US for smartphone vendors. Maybe the high-end 925 hasn’t fared as well for the carrier, something I wouldn’t doubt seeing has how they have a tendency not to promote Nokia’s devices very well. Regardless, it isn’t exactly set in stone that T-Mobile won’t ever carry any new Nokia devices, and one of the codenames listed above may just be what some of us are hoping for.

What do you think we can expect from Nokia? Will we see these mysterious devices launch before the company divests its Devices & Sales Division, or are these just safety nets just in case the sale doesn’t go through? Or are they in development only for the purpose of giving Microsoft something to show for when the sale goes through? What are your thoughts?

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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