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I don’t make it to many Live music performances, but if I did Pepper, an app available for free in the Windows Phone Store would be an invaluable tool.

Released in April 2012 by D.A.M Good Media, Pepper is a Social Network which allows you to keep in touch with your mates and find out what gigs they are going to. Pepper also has a really good search function which lets you find out what events are happening in the local area, as well as options to purchase tickets from the app itself.

I mentioned a few weeks back that I attended an event at Nokia’s London offices where myself and a load of other bloggers met with some developers who had apps either available or coming soon to Windows Phone. One of the people I met was Crisi Taylor, part of the team responsible for Pepper.

Crisi tells me that D.A.M has a lot of new features planned for the app which first arrived on Windows Phone in April 2012. The priority right now is growing the user base, with Pepper launching on iOS and the Windows 8 platforms already, and an Android app is also scheduled for either the second or third quarters of 2014. So, that makes Pepper a cross platform app which actually started life on Windows Phone, somewhat of a rarity. Also, while Pepper currently covers the UK they are planning to extend into the United States in January 2014.


Pepper is a very feature packed app, once you have created a profile. The search tool lets you select a radius around yourself of how far you want to travel and then compiles a list of all the events taking place. Selecting one of these events, not only gives you information on the venue and where to buy tickets (in a lot of cases you can buy tickets through the app), but also shows anyone of your friends who are attending. This and the ability to invite friends on your list is what makes Pepper a very good social network. You can select bands as “Favourites” and this way you can follow their activities, so when they next schedule a gig you will be notified.

There is an incredible amount of information on performers, where to find them online, their website, home town, where they are playing next and a really cool feature which lets you play back what the artist has uploaded to SoundCloud. This gives a great way of listening to full tracks, making for an excellent way to discover new acts.


The app also gives you the option to sign in using your Twitter or Facebook details. There are a lot of good ways to find and add friends to your profile, including over NFC.

We will keep you up to date with any news on Pepper. Here is the official description of the app:

The social network dedicated to live music fans. Pepper is a fast, fun and free way to discover your music scene with your friends.

A great gig can always be made better by the friends you experience it with. Every time you open Pepper you’ll see the latest artists and events discovered by your closest friends making it easy to join them at the next show.

Can’t make it out? Find out what your friends are up to in your activity feed through photos and shouts they share from the events they check-in at.

Looking for something different? Quickly search 1000s of UK listings near or afar and keep track of events you want to see as well as your favourite artists, local venues and promoters.

– Check-in at events
– Share photos and shout from events
– Connect and share with your Facebook and Twitter accounts
– Search 1000s of gigs and club nights by date and location
– Track events in your calendar
– View event details including info on the venues, artists and promoters
– Purchase tickets from our ticketing partners (for certain events)
– Invite friends to events you’re attending
– View your friend’s activity
– Track your favourite artists, venues and promoters
– View your friend’s favourites and calendar
– And much much more…

Enjoy live music with your friends.

You can find and install Pepper from the following places:

The Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

Windows App Store for Windows 8 devices like the Surface RT and Pro.

iTunes App Store for iOS

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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