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Nokia’s Conversations website has been taking a look at a cool new video editing app which will be coming exclusively to the new Lumia 2520 Windows 8.1 tablet, called Nokia Video Director.

NVD which will be free, makes video editing easy, giving you “a stylish video in minutes without the complexity of other alternatives out there.” Jason Davis who produced the app said:

“We wanted to make Nokia Video Director simple for everyone to use, but powerful enough that people can really personalize and customize their videos. Windows 8 has the ability to encode video, which is great. You can take user videos, open them up, apply filters and change them, and then re-encode the whole thing into a new video”


Nokia Conversations describes how Video Director works:

Nokia Video Director uses what Jason describes as a three-step process. First, you pick the video clips and photos that you want to include. Next, you pick a Nokia “style” – these have the filter effects, transitions, and color schemes (there is even licensed music and fonts) that help set the mood of the final video. Finally, you add the intro/outro titles for your video, and hit the “Preview” button.

The app then takes your clips and merges them with the style you select to create your final video. If you don’t like the way the preview looks, you simply pick a different style. The story stays the same, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Interestingly there will be a Windows Phone 8 Companion app available for Lumia devices which will allow you to quickly and easily transfer photos and videos from your Lumia smartphone to the Lumia 2520.

For more information on Nokia Video Director take a look at Nokia Conversations post HERE.

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