Windows Phone Hits 10m Shipments in a Quarter “Ultimately Due to Nokia”


Windows Phone has managed to ship more than 10 million smartphones in a quarter (q3 2013) a target said to be crucial for establishing itself as a main platform in the highly competitive smartphone market.

The report by highlights Nokia’s Lumia range as the reason for Windows Phone’s progress which also saw the platform increase it’s worldwide market share from 2.1% in Q3 2012 to 4.1%.

According to the blog post:

“Microsoft shipped more than 10 million smartphones worldwide in a single quarter for the first time ever in its history during Q3 2013. Microsoft has doubled its global smartphone marketshare from 2 percent to 4 percent in the past year. Microsoft grew its smartphone shipments by 178 percent annually in Q3 2013 and it is currently the world’s fastest growing major smartphone platform. Microsoft’s growth is almost entirely due to Nokia and its steadily improving Lumia portfolio across Europe, Asia and the United States.”

The report does point out that this success is still on a relatively small scale, Android for example saw their share of the market increase from 75% to 81.3%, but the last quarter saw overall Smartphone shipments increase from 172.8 million units in Q3 2012 to 251.4 million in Q3 2013. The report goes on to say that both Apple and Blackberry have lost market share compared to last year. While Apple’s shipments grew from 26.9 million units to 33.8 million their market share has dropped from 15.6% to 13.4%. No good news for Blackberry whose shipments dropped from 7.4 million to 2.5 million, and market share went from 4.3% to 1%.

As we know, Nokia released Lumia sales figures of 8.8 million devices, but this report is specifically about shipments, rather than actual sales.

Source StrategyAnalytics

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. The numbers are encouraging. What troubles me are the roadblocks that are placed for WP8. I talked a friend into getting a Lumia 925 at T-mobile, and the manager waited on him and tried to talk him out of buying it, implying it wasn’t a very good phone. I don’t know how that can be overcome (he did purchase it, though). I guess I’m just going to have to keep pushing people I know, because I like WP and don’t want it to disappear!

    • I have heard similar stories of sales people trying to direct customers to other devices and I’m glad your friend stuck to his guns. Perhaps Tmobile staff don’t get as much commission on Nokia phones as on other phones. Or that particular staff member was ignorant of how good Windows Phone is these days.

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