Nokia Climbs to the Top 5 in the US; Low-Cost Lumias Still Making Waves

It seems that things are looking up for Nokia during its remaining months as a mobile phone vendor. During the past several years, the company has seen its marketshare fall at a rapid pace, eventually falling off many, if not all, top 5 lists. That trend has now seen a reverse, as the company has just been bumped up to as the 4th largest smartphone OEM in the US as of Q3 2013.

US Smartphone Marketshare Q3 2013

According to the report from Counterpoint Research, Nokia has seen rapid growth in the US, selling a record 1.4 million Lumias and obtaining 4.1% of the market, a nearly 3% increase from the previous quarter and up 3.5% from a year ago! This is, of course, at the expense of certain other OEMs, for instance LG who has fallen to 8.6%, and even Samsung who saw a .3% decline of their share in the US. Motorola has seen a very small gain from Q2, but that’s after a nearly 5% drop in marketshare from a year ago. And let’s not even get into the problems ailing Blackberry and HTC. See the chart below:

Smartphone market share Q3 2013
This chart compares current US marketshare with the previous quarter and the same period one year ago

Can can attribute this growth to the advent of low-cost devices such as the Lumia 520 and 521, which can be found on AT&T and T-Mobile US/MetroPCS respectively. These phones have been making waves, as they offer high-end, little compromise features on a fully functional and up-to-date OS, contrasting with Google’s low-cost, high compromise, heavily fragmented, lawsuit-laden OS they call Android. And with T-Mobile’s uncarrier approach also gaining traction for the 4th largest network provider, it’s no wonder Nokia was able to climb on the heals of its success as the 4th largest OEM! Even outside the US, the Lumia 520 is still proving popular. Popular online shopping site Flipkart currently places the Lumia 520 as its top seller, priced at 10,000INR (approximately $161USD), while the Lumia 920 remains a on the best selling list.
Lumia 520 on Flipkart bestseller list

4.1% for Nokia in the US, 4.1% for Windows Phone globally. Nokia has carried the heavy burden of popularizing Windows Phone mostly on its own, and it seems to be paying off. Unfortunately, it’s coming a little to late for the company, with an impending sale of the Devices & Sales division to Microsoft approaching by the beginning of next year. Still, this is good news for Nokia, who has just released their first phablets and a tablet to go on sale this quarter in many markets, giving us a potentially good outlook for Q4 2013 before it hands itself away.

Sources: Flipkart via WMPoweruser, Counterpoint Research

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