Nokia World Recap: The Applications

As we all know, Nokia has launched 6 new devices at the Nokia world including 3 New Asha devices and 3 new Lumia devices.  Click Here for the Re-cap on the Devices that were launched at the Nokia World.

Apart from these devices, Nokia has overwhelmed the crowd on the Apps area as well!

Nokia Re-Focus

The Re-focus app is one of them. This app works with all the pure-view devices and this will allow users to re-focus portions of an image. This is very similar to the Pelican Imaging concept and as Verge commented, Lytro is yet another comparison for the re-focus app.

However, both the pelican imaging and the lytro are hardware based but Nokia’s re-focus is purely an application.

This application takes multiple shots with variable focus and it lets you change the focus after the image is taken. Nokia has added the finishing touch which is the “COLOR POP” feature, that colors only the object that you touch and focus, leaving the other out-of-focus objects, black and white. The color pop feature which was first present in the Nokia Creative Studio app is also on the Nokia Re-Focus App.

This is how the refocus app works. Click here.  This is the direct link created by Nokia.

Click here for a hands on video demo on the re-focus app, directly from the Nokia world.

Refocus App is likely to hit the stores during the first quarter of 2014.

Nokia Camera

There is yet another app which combines two awesome Nokia applications into a single app called the “Nokia Camera”. This app combines the feature of Nokia Smart Cam and Nokia Pro Cam. Switching between different modes is so easy with the Nokia Camera App. The Nokia Re-focus App might as well be integrated soon to the Nokia Camera, according to rumors. This app is now available on the Windows store for downloads. Click here for our expert’s review from Nokia Innovation.

Nokia Story Teller

Story Teller app is one of the goodies from the Nokia World 2013. This app takes geo tagged images I.E this application stores in the location of the pictures that were taken using Nokia Lumia. When we zoom out of the picture, this app will open up the here maps displaying where the picture was taken. You could add comments and titles to the images creating your own picture story!

Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic photographer spoke about the Nokia Story teller and about his experience with 1520. As he mentioned on the Nokia World, pictures within pictures tells us great stories. This app also has Facebook and SkyDrive integration. That means, you could create stories with uploaded FB pictures and backup everything using the SkyDrive.

Nokia Beamer

We also have the Nokia Beamer, which now lets you share your screen. This is similar to the photo beamer but this app lets you to share your live screen! Hope the photo beamer will turn into Nokia Beamer after an update.


Apart from these, we heard it directly from Stephen Elop about the availability of Instagram on WP8. This would be available in the coming weeks.

Nokia Black

Apart from the above grants from Nokia, there is going to be a firmware upgrade named “Black”. This is said to be only for high-end Lumia devices and also said to improve the glance screen and few stability fixes. This is expected to hit the production early next year (2014).

And More

Temple Run 2, Asphalt 8, Vine, Flipboard and many more are on its way to WP8!

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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