My 1st Nokia World & Possibly Nokia’s Last


I was invited to Attend Nokia World 2013 from the awesome folks at NokiaUS, I knew this was going to be a special event for 2 reasons, 1- It was my 1st Nokia World & 2- If all goes as planned it will be Nokia’s last. It’s hard to explain the feeling of Nokia World because in my eyes its  not just the releasing of devices, the excellent hands on demonstrations or the large amount of food & drinks available.

To me it is much more than that, its almost like a family gathering with those that are part of this unique Nokia Group or Family shall I say. The event itself is spectacular as always with the excitement of the new products being announced, myself as a blogger trying to absorb and distribute all this information to our  team at NokiaInnovation,  getting pictures, video’s & specs of all the products ect..

There was plenty of new product released. We had the Nokia Lumia 1520 Nokia’s 1st 6 ” 1080p device, then its lesser priced version the Nokia Lumia 1320, Nokia’s 1st tablet the  Nokia Lumia 2520 as well as 3 new asha devices 500,502 & 503-3g. Check out some of the photos below.

The set up I thought was very nice, they had little sections of what the Nokia Lumia series is all about Ex: Nokia Music, Imaging, Here Maps ect.

Below are a few pics of the Nokia World Set up.

Now back to the family aspect, Nokia always had a way of getting  people involved from the biggest sites to the not so big sites without ever making you feel any less special. They have this special knack of making us all part of the family, they fly us in from all parts of the world to enjoy this special event. The best part of Nokia World to me is finally meeting the Nokia Family I have come to know through  social media by having this common bond.

I have met a great bunch of people this trip from Blogger’s & those that work for Nokia, that I communicate with through social media daily, and others that are part of this event. This is the most special thing about it, the friendships that have formed , the putting a face to a twitter handle . The fact that I am able to meet people that live thousand of miles away from me all because we  share a common likeness in 1 company Nokia.

Here are some of the amazing people I have finally come to meet, & if you are a Nokia fan or a tech guy they should be a must Follow for you. @psychomania666 @jimboireland @colmsmyth @GadgetsBoy @Ricker666 @AliQudsi @MFaroTusino @clintonjeff @markguim @smashpOp @stephenquin58 @jadejavu @TomMessett @deano_42 @simransingh @_ODoG_ .

I just want to say Thank You to Nokia & I hope Microsoft takes notice to how Nokia works & uses its community to touch individual people that maybe don’t always read tech blogs or have a vast knowledge of the cellphone/smartphone world. Nokia’s biggest strengths aside from making excellent hardware & products is exactly what there slogan has been forever “Connecting People” & if there is 1 thing Microsoft can learn from them it is this.

I have to say a very special thanks to those that made it happen for us Bloggers @CarlaEid @harrisja  @NokiaUS   @_ODoG_



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. This is my first and probably my last Nokia World too because we don’t know on what it will be called on future. The experience was so awesome. Had great great fun not only on getting hands-on of the latest Nokia devices, but meeting new people and creating new friends too that I could keep forever. So many unforgettable memories!

    I just feel sad and happy right now. Sad for realizing that this is indeed the last Nokia World and it’s still unknown if what is the next chapter for us, the Nokia fans who love the company so much. And happy because I met lots of folks from the online community and made lots of friends. It’s just so priceless that I want to treasure forever.

    This experience will not be possible without the help of Nokia Connects team. Special mention to Paul Coombes and Carla Eid for managing and helping me get there in Abu Dhabi. Thank you so much guys! XX

    Everyday I am hoping that Microsoft will keep the Nokia Connects team alive after the acquisition. Call them Lumia Connects or whatsoever after, but just keep the whole team (and give them free Xbox One :P). These people are the one who make all things possible by making us connected to everyone and to Nokia.

    To Lenny, you man are awesome. It was so much fun meeting you in person. Despite I was bit intimidated and got a hiccups on speaking English fluently, still it was a hell experience touring Abu Dhabi and the Nokia World with you guys. I always wish that we will meet on near future or so.


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