No Charger required in future?

Nokia is working on a new, first of its kind charging technology which charges the phone while on standby. The company is allegedly working on a technology which would charge the device from proximate Radio Waves. The power harvested by this method might be less but this would be enough to extend the battery life by at least few hours. Also, you harvest some amount of power though they are less.



According to Markku Rouvala, Principal Engineer at Nokia Research Center, who is one of the researchers to develop the device, expresses the growth of smart phones and how power-hungry they are. He is heading a research team on developing a technology for mobile devices that might hardly require the main charger. What if the device could produce their own power to run the device?

With the help of University of Cambridge and its research in “great strength in novel nanomaterial synthesis” and their previous work developing polymer-carbon nanotube composites with controlled conduction, Nokia Research team is working on a coherent approach to improve energy handling and energy storage.

In simple terms, the power-charging concept is based on converting electromagnetic waves (Radio waves are electromagnetic waves) into electrical signals. Researchers are aim at increasing the range of frequencies so as to increase the amount of energy that can be stored. In this way, smart phones can produce their own energy to run the device.

Currently, this type of technology can produce 3 to 5mW which can be used to charge small devices such as RFID tags and wireless sensors. Now the goal of this research would be to reach 50mW which would be more than sufficient to recharge the smart phones from low charge. Also, they need to ensure the device uses up less power than is being received.

However, the Nokia researchers notifies that they are only experimenting with this type of technology and an actual working model for consumer and business use could be years off from now.

Nokia is working on loads of such innovative ideas. For more updates on breathtaking “Nokia Innovations”, follow Nokia Innovation!

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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