Nokia Camera now available!

One of the rather unexpected goodies to come out of Nokia World in Abu Dhabi today was the almost immediate release of Nokia’s updated “Nokia Camera” app. This essentially ‘merges’ their Pro Cam and Smart Cam applications into one easy-to-use app.


I installed the new Nokia Camera app earlier, and with very little time available, I had a quick play around with it. I’m actually pretty excited by this small gem that has occurred as part of the huge Nokia news today; I wasn’t really one of those people that would utilise Smart Cam because it was a completely separate app, and I needed reminding that it was even sitting there in my app list!


But now it’s right there in the camera UI. Basically it works like this: the right hand side of the camera UI gives you a third option in addition to camera and video camera. ‘Smart’ offers you the chance to do some cool things with your photos such as action shot, motion blur, etc. To access this new addition to the camera UI, you simply swipe your finger up/down on the ‘mode carousel’ as I’m calling it (you’re welcome, Nokia!)


Added options in the UI
Added options in the UI

Brilliant how this was made available to us lesser mortals owning non-October 22nd devices such as the new a stunning 1520 and 1320 Lumias.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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