Nokia Dominance of Windows Phone Rises to 89.2%


AdDuplex latest figures reveal that Nokia have increased their dominance of the Windows Phone platform, rising from 88.4% last month to 89.2% on October 11th. The increase seems to be at the expense of HTC whose share dropped from 8.5% on September 28th to 7.7%.

Nokia’s increase would appear to be largely down to the Lumia 520, which increased it’s share of Worldwide Devices to 23.2%, up from 21.3% in September.

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One area which has seen some change is US Devices, previously dominated by the Lumia 822, it is now the 521 which leads the US Windows Phone market, with 19.2% of US Windows Phone, the 822 is at 14.1%


AdDuplex is a network of apps running on the Windows Phone platform, they take a reading of which devices their apps are being run on and work out from this there figures. The information is collected on one day from each month, in October it was the 11th. Read their blog post for all markets.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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