Love Glance Screen? Take a Look At Glance Backgrounds.


Those of you who have put Nokia’s Glance screen on your Amber updated Lumia phones may be interested in an app available from Nokia Beta Labs, and downloadable from the Windows Phone store called Glance Backgrounds. It allows you to put an image along side the always on clock. The images when on the device look similar to those produced by Nokia’s Seeping Screen app. It uses fairly few pixels to create the pictures, meaning especially on AMOLED screens (Lumia 820, 925 and 1020) this should not use a lot of power. At the same time LCD screens (Lumia 620, 720, 920 and 928) has the entire screen illuminated anyway when Glance screen is in use, so in theory shouldn’t use much more power.
One thing to note is that being a Beta app Nokia are looking for feedback on things like power consumption, so this may be erratic and drain your battery quicker than normal.
Nokia Beta Labs said in their descript;

You’re invited to try out the new Glance Background beta application, which allows you to customize the Glance screen on your Lumia with a personalized background image. Choose from several preloaded images or create your own.
This trial is aiming to collect user feedback on overall usability of this feature, including quality of images, power consumption and editor features.
So, please give it a try and let us know how it works for you.
Note: The beta is provided as a stand-alone app for Lumia devices that support the Glance feature and that have the Amber software release. Check that your device is supported before installing

You can install Glance Backgrounds from the Windows Phone Store by clicking HERE. Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations Glance Screen will not be available on the Nokia Lumia 520, nor Nokia’s Windows Phone 7.5/7.8 devices. If you do install the app, you can help Nokia iron out any bugs by leaving feedback on Nokia Betalabs.


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Lenny Bonsignore
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