GDR 3 and Bitter Sweet Shimmer!

Steady Sources reveals the supplementary features of the GDR 3 and Nokia’s Bitter Sweet Shimmer!

We are aware that GDR 3 & Bitter Sweet Shimmer (BSS) will bring the following fine-tunings:

  • Custom sounds for text, voice mail, e-mail, and reminders (not seen in this build of GDR3)
  • Restore over Wi-Fi when you reset your phone
  • Huge amount of work on Bluetooth with various vehicles and devices
  • Driving Mode
  • Screen rotation lock
  • ‘X’ to close out apps in multitasking
  • Icon for multitasking apps
  • General performance improvements
  • 1080P Display support (for new devices)
  • Support for new Qualcomm chipsets
  • Notifications on glance screen

Microsoft has nattered about the BSS and GDR 3’s features to few pilot groups. In future, we can anticipate more leaks on the GDR 3 and BSS!

This is how it is after the BSS and GDR 3 update.





Highlights of GDR 3:

  • Support for 1080p display for new devices like the Lumia 1520.
  • Support for new processors.
  • Close apps by tapping on the “X” on top right in multitasking view. The icon of the app appears below.
  • Custom tones for text or IM, voicemail, email and reminders
  • Screen Rotation lock: When auto-rotate screen is off, your screen will stay in the current orientation when you rotate your phone.
  • Driving Mode: Turns of all notifications except texts and phone calls when you’re driving. You can also turn calls and texts off completely or set Driving Mode to text and automatic reply like “Hey, I am driving right now. I’ll reply you later.” Driving Mode can start automatically when your phone connects to a Bluetooth device.
  • Connect to WiFi in OOBE when switching on your new phone for the first time or after you your reset your phone, so you can restore your data even before connecting to a cellular network.




What’s with the Bitter Sweet Shimmer firmware?

Glance Screen is modified bring in little more features like the Notifications in glance screen similar to the notifications on the lock screen. After this update we can choose from any of the 20 accent colors for night mode instead of just red in Amber. You can choose whether you want to keep the glance screen always on when charging, in Amber it is always on when charging.

We have two new apps: Nokia Camera and the Storyteller app. There might be few more however we didn’t hear anything more about apps.

We can now attach office files and PDF to emails.

With this update, phones with screen resolution of at least WXGA (1280 x 768) will get additional tile sizes, allowing 3 medium or 6 small tiles on a row.

This update also brings in general performance improvements.

I also hope Nokia and Microsoft fixes the minor bugs that we had recently reported on our Nokia Innovation site!



Source: WPCentral



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. I certainly hope that’s custom sounds per Contact, as in the way they do with Ringtones. If it’s just the ability to choose your own sound for the generic tone then that’s only halfway to what people want.

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