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Nokia may have just announced that no new applications will be allowed through the gates of the Nokia Store (or updates of current apps for that matter, grrrr) as of January 2014, but that isn’t stopping die-hard Symbian developers from taking advantage of this closing window and getting their apps to the Store like Indiana Jones grabbing his hat before the stone door slams shut. OK, bit of a back-to-front analogy but you get my drift!


Developer D13 (with the help of Fabian Hüllmantel, @huellif on Twitter) has released a superb little widget app for Symbian homescreens that allows WhatsApp users to quickly and easily switch the messaging app on and off. The beauty with this app is that it is very easy to use:

It shows a green icon when WhatsApp is running: (even in the background, when you think it’s closed)



tap it once and it is red showing you have switched it completely off:



The thing I love about it, is that it doesn’t open up another UI screen, it just turns green or red. Why would you want to switch WhatsApp off anyway? Well it can be a bit of a battery drain especially if you’re not using it and don’t need it running in the background. Having complete control over it is exactly what us Symbian users like!

I just bought, installed and tested this, and I can confirm that when you switch it off using this app, WhatsApp does have to start up again from the very beginning. You would have seen this start-up screen when you first installed Whatsapp, so you can tell that it really is turned off when you want it to be.

Grab it here or search for it in the Nokia Store app on your phone.


An excellent $0.99 spent in the Store. I would encourage Symbian (and MeeGo) users to head over the Store and start spending money there. If Nokia can see people still buying, updating and downloading content, perhaps they could be swayed into at least continuing app updates in 2014? Highly unlikely I know, but it does make practical sense to stock up on apps before they go ahead and close the Store altogether. Which, going by the rate things seems to be going, might be sooner than we think. Unfortunately.

Check out Fabian’s other work for Symbian: http://theonecfw.blogspot.com/2013/10/a-few-little-tools-by-huellif.html

Thanks for another great app! :^)

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