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Stefano Mosconi, Jolla’s CTO and one of its founding members has just posted a superb article over on his ‘somethingMeaningful’ blogspot. In it, he details some of the inner feelings and dealings of Jolla, a new company with just 80 employees, compared with the thousands of HTC, Nokia and Samsung.

He points out that while Jolla are embracing ‘open-source’ and ‘openness’, people should not interpret this as an invitation to tell them what to do.


“If you think openness as “I need to know everything and right away” that is not being open to me. It is being stupid from business point of view. And even though you might see us as a set of crazy guys, no we are not stupid.”

Well said, Stefano. One of the things I’ve seen (and disliked) over on Twitter are the unfair and scathing attacks on Jolla for releasing its latest spec list for the Jolla phone. “What? Only 245 ppi?? Must be crap then!” or “Just dual-core 1.4GHz? Are you kidding me? Sounds awful!” I don’t know how people can make these kinds of assertions without even seeing the phone themselves, let alone waiting for it to be released to the general public. People love to get into the so-called “spec wars” these days (thanks Samsung et al), but Stefano makes a brilliant point:


“Pumping up the specs is easy, working on a beautiful user experience is the hard part. Putting that beautiful experience in a great industrial design so that SW and HW become a unique PRODUCT is not something that a lot of companies can do.”


I implore you to go over and read his latest post, and his other blog entries; the past 6 years’ worth of posts make for some very interesting reading, especially if you’re a Maemo/MeeGo fan. Stefano is one of many truly dedicated, talented and passionate ex-Nokians who will (I’m very sure) bring some of the most innovative and slick designs the mobile phone world has seen for years. Personally, I can’t wait to see the Jolla phone in action in the wild, (and in my own sweaty mitts!) hopefully by the end of this year.

Link to his post

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. I saw the Jolla and some fantastic sailors last Wednesday in an event in Tampere/Finland. I have to say that the phone design is amazing beautiful. In my opinion little bit like a mixture of a N900 with a lot better screen from front (the black aluminium frame looks classy) and the back looks with the smart-cover like an N9 but more robust. Altogether it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, extremely slim for its size and super-light. My impression about a 30 seconds play Marc’s phone…I’ve never been so much impressed by any other mobile device before…so awesome! Jolla-sailor’s have done such an incredible job in such a short time!!! Huge respect to all of them, they have not even created a the coolest, hottest piece of hardware but their way of showing how different a start-up-company can be has turned me last Wednesday to a true fan! Go on Jolla – I’m with you and can’t wait to receive my pre-ordered Jolla 🙂

  2. Andy you misunderstood what I meant by “I need to know everything and right away”. I meant to say that Jolla can’t tell everything that happens inside to the outside world “as it happens”.

    Anyone can give us comments and suggestions and at the end I even encourage that behavior: ” keep being critic, keep us in line, push Jolla to do the best it can”.

    Cheers, Stefano

    • Thanks for the clarification, Stefano. I’m glad that Jolla is so open to suggestions, I was just saying that some people’s attempts at a ‘suggestion’ do come off as just harsh criticism without any foundation. Jolla hasn’t released their device yet, but just by your (you and the other guys there) close communication with us, the Great Unwashed, definitely says to me this is a company I am interested in. The Ivory Towers of yerster-year are really no way to connect with your customers. Good job, mate! Looking forward to more and more from Jolla :^)

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