The Lumia 1020 Landing Soon in the Philippines and Australia, Available now in Taiwan and Turkey


The Nokia Lumia 1020, once shackled to a single carrier in a single nation, is about to land in the Philippines, with October 11th named as the day it will go on sale there. Pricing is said to be P35,650 ($820). It is also now available in Turkey, on the Carrier Turkcell for a price of 1,999TL ($990). See HERE for details. The 1020 can also be purchased now in Taiwan, where it can be for 24,900TWD (approximately $845 USD). See HERE for details.

Australia, which recently saw pre orders of the Lumia 1020 cancelled on carrier Telstra due to a software problem, is also about to get the 41 megapixel toting Windows Phone. The bugs have been fixed and it will be back on sale in Telstra stores on October 15th.

It is good news to hear that the amazing experience found on the Lumia 1020, with it’s super slick operating system and the best camera available on a smartphone (besides the 808 of course) can be enjoyed by more people in more nations. The prices quoted are without the subsidies normally found on contract smartphones in the UK and USA, which is why they may seem high. And as with (nearly) all phones, the price should drop after the initial launch phase has passed.

Sources: WPCentral #1 #2 #3, Nokia Australia

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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