What Does the Microsoft Buyout Mean for Lumia and Imaging?


One of the hallmarks of Nokia devices has always been superior imaging capabilities and one can’t help but wonder if that will change now that Microsoft has stepped in.  Well Nokia Conversations has sat down with the vice president of software program management for Nokia’s Smart Devices business Samuli Hänninen and got some answers.

The most important thing to take away from this interview is that imaging team will stay basically intact during the merger:

What will happen to the imaging experts on your team?

Samuli: We have a team that has delivered serious innovations in imaging and the work continues.

For people who build products, the most important things are the ability (to do your job), and having the resources you need to do it. With combined resources and talent from Nokia and Microsoft, we’re excited about the cool things we will be able to build together in future.


Sadly however it seems that PureView name may die with the merger of the Nokia team with Microsoft:

What will happen to PureView?

Samuli: PureView stands for the best imaging experiences on our devices and we will continue to innovate in this area. The Nokia Lumia 720 was a great example of us bringing a stunning camera to market with our widest aperture to date, but it didn’t carry the PureView name.

The most important thing is what we do, not what it is called, although we like PureView a lot.


Rest assured however that you will still be getting the same quality Carl Zeiss optics that you have come to depend on for the past decade or so:

Do these changes affect our relationship with Zeiss?

Samuli: Zeiss is our long term partner and I don’t see any reason why that would change.


It would seem that nothing will change in the optics department expect for the PureView nameplate on the devices.  However I am still leery of  Microsoft’s over reaching hand screwing up all the great ideas that the guys at the Nokia imaging department have cooked up.  Time will tell I guess….

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  1. I understand your concern that MS may mess things up, but this is where I think having Stephen Elop in charge of at least the Devices area of MS is a good thing. I think he proved at Nokia that he knew how to make Windows Phone, and knew Nokia’s strengths and played to them.
    Elop must know how important it is that all that makes Nokia great handset manufactures carries over.
    Am keen to see these Array cameras which Nokia have invested in, arrive on a handset.

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