Nokia Lumia 929 – Yet another leak

Hello again,

It is 3 am here at Chennai, I was about to slumber checking the tweets when something flashed my eyes that made me wide-awake to write this. It is none other than “Evleaks” who made me out of bed.

“Evleaks” has leaked yet another image of Nokia Lumia 929 which was intended for Verizon. This time, it is a rear picture of Nokia Lumia 929.

So here it is for you guys!


This is for people who were asking what was so special about the Nokia Lumia 929!

Well here is the answer,

This phone features a 20MP Camera plus a dual LED flash without the camera hump containing the pureview branding and hopefully this device will have no less than a display size of 4.7 inches! The leaked image of Nokia Lumia 929 that we got few days back was a front image of the device and if you had observed carefully, there are spaces for extra tiles and email tile was full up still, we have space for a medium tile neighboring.

Other than the images, there are no drips on the Specifications as of now however; we presume that the device has 1080p display, running on the latest Bitter Sweet Shimmer OS out of box.

Here is another image that has both the front and the rear of Nokia Lumia 929.
That’s all for today,

Good day from Parasaran!

Source: evleaks

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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