NBC Compares iPhone 5S Camera Against Nokia Lumia 1020


NBC News has been comparing the iPhone 5S’s new and improved camera against it’s competitors, among them the Nokia Lumia 1020.

In a series of tests, including Outdoors in good light, Indoors in dim light, Indoors with a flash, and a macro-style close-up shot, with mixed results. The smartphones being compared were the iPhone 5S, Lumia 1020, HTC One, LG G2, Google’s Moto X, Samsung’s Galaxy S 4.

The tests in which the Lumia 1020 came out on top were Outdoors and Indoors with Flash, while surprisingly they said of the 1020 when doing a Macro test “Focusing super-close is something some phones can do and others can’t. The Nokia Lumia 1020 just can’t — the image has great color, but we couldn’t get the lens to focus any closer than what’s shown at bottom right.”


I have been using the Lumia 1020 for a couple of days and have to say, I have had trouble taking close up pictures of some items, however when used with the Xenon flash you are able to capture and zoom in close up on objects. But as flash wasn’t part of this test, NBC were being absolutely fair with this criticism.

Devin Coldwey, who wrote the article was very complimentary of the 1020’s outdoor capabilities. “The Nokia won the outdoor test by so much that it seemed unfair. Beyond producing superior color reproduction, detail and background blur, Nokia’s Pro Camera app also saves a high-resolution file that could compete with a shot from my DSLR, quality-wise. The iPhone 5S didn’t come close to the Nokia in this situation, but it was definitely better than all the other competitors.”


In the Indoor test with flash, Devin said “The Nokia Lumia 1020 really nailed it here, reproducing both skin tone and fine details like the shirt pattern well — it’s very clear even at 100 percent zoom. The iPhone 5S, despite overcorrecting for noise, produced a solid and color-accurate image. Here’s one claim about Apple’s new camera that is quite noticeably true.”


In the summery the Lumia 1020 came out on top, NBC said of the Lumia 1020 “Nokia’s Lumia 1020, which runs on the Windows Phone platform, outdistances the other phones by miles, as long as you’re shooting ordinary shots and don’t need to get in too close. You really must see the quality to believe it.”

Interesting that when the Lumia 920 and 925 cameras have been compared to other models it is usually the low light shots where they get much applause. In my experience, which so far is pretty limited on the 1020, low light is done much better on the 920 and 925.

So, wheat did Devin make of the iPhone 5S’s camera? He rated it second, behind the Lumia 1020 over all but stated that it didn’t have a lot of improvements over the iPhone 5. You really should read the article yourself, find it HERE.

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  1. I have taken a few close up shots and it works great, article basically incompetent bollox,and opinion caused by user error, but thanks for sharing guys 🙂

    • The whole macro thing could well be down to incompetence, but I do think the author was pretty impartial, especially compared to some US based sites who seem in Apple’s pocket and actually bend the truth to make the iPhone look better than it is.

    • Yes that is true, the amazing zoom capabilities means close up shots aren’t necessary. But the traditional close up method doesn’t seem focus as well as the 920, which with Pro Cam is excellent.

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