Nokia To Name “Sirius” Tablet Lumia 2520


That notorious Spoiler Evleaks has been at it again, this time revealing what he believes will be the name and number of Nokia’s yet to be released, but heavily leaked Windows tablet.

Codenamed “Sirius” images of the device have been seen, and we also have a date for it’s release, believed to be November 8th, same day as the Lumia Phablet, the 1520 is expected to go on sale. But what we haven’t yet heard is a name. Some had speculated that the name Lumia wouldn’t be used, as this was thought to be reserved just for Nokia’s Windows Phone’s. Well apparently that isn’t the case as Evleaks took to Twitter and tweeted “Nokia Sirius = Lumia 2520”

Nokia siruis tablet

There have been contravening reports about what version of Windows the tablet will be running. Most suggest it will be Windows RT, but Windows 8 on an Atom processor (like Nokia’s Booklet ran on) is also a possibility.

Of course Evleaks isn’t always right, but he has got a lot of things correct in the past as well as revealing devices for the first time. So, with the October 22nd event approaching, where we are expecting the Lumia 1520 phablet with a 6 inch screen to be announced, there have also been rumours that the “Sirius”/Lumia 2520 will be announced there also.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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