DerreLeaks: Lumia 929 leaks for Verizon; mini rant

So evleaks has leaked a photo of what is allegedly the Lumia 929 which is slated for Verizon wireless. He claims the device will come in both black and white.

The white variant makes sense, as we saw a leak earlier of a white Nokia device with Verizon branding on the back.

Nokia Lumia 929 Verizon

(I’m kinda in a rush, so I’ll make the rant quick-ish). There is one thing that is off for me, and that’s the product number. As we all know, the 928 launched for Verizon in May, sporting similar specs to the Lumia 920 albeit with a different design and Xenon flash. My concern has to do with the fact that this new device is slated to be similar to Nokia’s 1520 “Bandit” phablet device. It has been previously described as a “big big Windows Phone”, which solidifies rumors that a variant of the Lumia 1520 is coming to Verizon.

 Lumia 929

But if that’s the case, and this really is a variant, why is there a numerical difference of about 600 between the two devices? Where does it make sense for Nokia to number it very closely to the carrier’s previous flagship when the two devices are most likely to have a number of differences above and below the hood? I get that the number scheme is to indicate the price range, but unless this phone is free at launch, Nokia would be better off naming this the 1529 or something.

I always had a slight issue with Nokia’s number scheme. It was confusing enough before with they changed it, and the point of the change was supposed to make it more simple for marketing purposes. But consumers who generally don’t really care all that much for Nokia could get overwhelmed by all the numbers. I came across a girl with a Lumia 900 once, and when I questioned her about it, she continuously claimed that it was the Lumia 800. I could list off the other instances where I have encountered confused consumers, but that would make this a very, very long post.

I guess my point is that Nokia needs to do a much better job in the future with device names and branding, regardless of if it’s for phones or not. (Told you, I’d try to make it quick. There’s probably more I wanna say on the matter =p)

Source: evleaks

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