Window Phone 8 Bugs and What Could be Improved


Today we bring you a post from a guest writer, Parasaran Kumar. He is sharing with us his views on the bugs found on Windows Phone and what improvements he’d like to see made.
Parasarn can be found on Twitter HERE, his handle is @paraasaran

I have been reading several blogs and news about Nokia and WP8 platform. I came across many bugs that bugged me. As a result of that, I have started drafting this Since the Portico Update was out. Fortunately for WP8 platform and unfortunately for me, I had to remove so many items from the list after the Portico Update! Now after the “Amber” was out I removed few more reducing the content. I don’t want to wait any further, so here it is:

Music + Videos

You cannot transfer multiple songs however you can transfer one song at a time. Still, there is a bug.
When you have many saved devices on your Bluetooth (paired Devices) and you pair a new device to which you would like to share a song, when you hit ShareBluetooth, this shows you list of devices but you cannot scroll through the list.


Here is an example, I have few Bluetooth devices on my phone and the one that I wanted to send is highlighted in Red. This won’t let me scroll up or down!
If the device that you want to share is listed at last, you will definitely have a hard time transferring songs. The scroll doesn’t work!

Multi Select

We still do not have an option to send multiple media files across Bluetooth however we can only send one file at a time!


Only after switching on your Bluetooth, your WP8 device will show you the Bluetooth option, not sure if this is a bug or that’s how it works but it would be good if we get Bluetooth option when we hit on share and when we click on Bluetooth, it must automatically switch on Bluetooth and get us the list of saved devices/paired devices.


The above image rolls up when you hit on “Share” where you will not find the bluetooth option.


While the above Image is displayed after manually switching on Bluetooth.
This should be set such that when you select “Share” it should display all the options. When bluetooth is selected, that should automatically enable the bluetooth and proceed with sharing.

Cellular Video Calling

I am surprised that my Nokia Lumia 920 didn’t have the option for video calling over network. This is not widely used though but this is one of the delinquencies from Microsoft/Nokia.


Most of the Lumia users are still baffled about this lost utility! Others are wondering if this is a bug or a lost utility!

Native File Manager:

As you all know, there is no native File Manager for Lumia Devices however we have a paid 3rd party app that lets you access your “Local” as well as “remote” drives


If you wish to purchase this File manager Click Here The full version will cost $1.49. Try and Buy!

Grouping option:

This is like creating a new folder and placing our desired apps. WP8 home screen has only three behaviors, scroll up, scroll down and right swipe. This design is simple and uncomplicated, but stroppy when you have loads of application installed. This will become unmanageable and hard to scroll through the app list to get the correct one. Despite the fact that you can search your desired app by typing on the search, we tend to overlook the app list often!


Recently we heard from several tweets that Nokia is compelling Microsoft to fill the app gaps between Android and WP8, but MS has a long way to make it equivalent with Android. I do find new apps popping in now and then, however MS should start working on Top grossing apps from Android and IOS and try to make them available first.
It would be great if WP8 devices have onboard Timer count down app, Flash light app, Weather App, battery App, Dictionary, File Manager, Voice recorder, stop Watch and Security lock for Specific applications (WhatsApp, Message, emails so on and so forth).
Apart from the above onboard inclusions, WP8 must have a 3rd Party Music player and a Video Player (That would support all extensions – like MxPlayer for Android).

Attachments and Downloads

Attachments through emails normally take more time to download and it would be good if there is a dedicated folder where we can find all the downloaded files.

Email Sync

Problems syncing email an account has been widely reported and also sending or receiving emails have cropped up. Though you can set priority while sending an email, there is still a delay.
Camera Flash not working often
People had asked me why I need a flash when my phone could take amazing low light images. I still prefer flash for taking better images at low lights!
I have been facing this issue since a year; LED flash doesn’t work even after enabling the Flash “on” (Always on). I have tried using a 3rd party flashlight app that doesn’t work either. When this issue occurs, I generally restart my phone still, the flash won’t work. The flash will start working randomly. I am not sure if I am the only one facing this issue, but I am sure this is a bug!


When you enable password unlock to your device, this lets you to dial only the emergency numbers. It would be good if there is an option to add customized emergency number, which would really help in case of a critical situation.
For instance, below we have a model of how to make Emergency option more operative and effective.
When you have set up a security lock, you only have the option to type your code to unlock or make an Emergency Call. In case of emergency, it would be great to have 2 or 3 emergency numbers apart from the regular 911 or 100 like shown in the below screen shot.
Setting up an emergency number will obviously be through Phone Settings.


Growing Storage

It was an excellent attempt to have the “storage Check” option integrated to the settings however under Storage Check Details, I am unable to clear the Temporary Files. I have read blogs and tweets and many are facing the same issue.


When I click on “Clear” it loads and displays the same amount as it was before. This keeps growing!
This won’t go to zero, since we might have email attachments stored, but again it would be good if there is an option to display what are the temporary files and to clear them manually.

So far, these are the bugs/improvements I have found. If you have more, please let us know on the comments below or follow me on Twitter and Tweet me what you would like to improve

Nokia Fan

We would like to thank Parasaran for sharing this with us here at Please let us know what you think.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. 13 GB apps ? Tere baap ne bhi apna Lumia me itne apps daale the BC… & Maps.. 725 MP ?
    Poora India ka map download kar liya BC, tu kya poora India Ghumta hai every week ?
    Flash Does not work ? Tu Tera Lumia Replace karva.. Aisa koi Bug nahi hai BC..
    aur agar File Manager chahiye to Lagdroid istemaal kar.. Windows Phone chodd de tu..
    Sirf tera Bluetooth ka problem valid hai baaki bakwaas !

  2. Hey a very accurate account of Lumia’s shortcomings. Please keep on highlighting these bugs as you call them, so that everyone is aware of the deficiencies .

  3. I have had the same thought about Bluetooth switching itself on when you want to share a picture, seems so time consuming to have to find BT in settings then go back to the picture and select Share again.
    Also I have the same issue with my flash. It worked fine for a long time, then around the time of Portico update it went erratic, sometimes working sometime not.

  4. Temp files reduced *slightly* when you delete browsing history from IE settings.

    Few IE related issue i think
    1.Also no separate remove option for deleting browsing history, cache, etc
    2.No forward option

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