Nokia’s Chris Webber: “It’s Business As Usual”


Nokia’s Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing has assured fans and users of Nokia handsets that the recent proposed acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division by Microsoft will not mean a drop in support for products, and that for now, nothing has changed.

Talking to Nokia Conversations about what effect the deal will have on devices being manufactured he said “For now, and for perhaps six months, it’s business as usual. New phones, support, apps – all of it. I can promise you, we have some fantastic stuff in the pipeline.
“The people who design, make and support Nokia phones would transfer to Microsoft. They respect and admire our expertise, quality and skill in those areas. Microsoft knows as well as we do that there’s absolutely no point in producing second-rate phones: be the best, or get out.”

This is reassuring news for anyone worried that Nokia’s usual excellent standard and great build quality may not be maintained. He also said that the deal should speed up production and development. “We expect our smartphone, mobile phone, industrial design, support and all the related teams to be doing their same job to the same standards, but working for Microsoft. This is really important: this acquisition is about bringing over expertise in making fantastic, top-quality and innovative products.
“Working with Microsoft we can increase the awareness and growth of Windows Phone, Asha and our feature phones. We can build upon the success of Lumia and create a stronger, faster, more innovative route to driving this portfolio and the exciting ecosystem around it. It will also mean faster innovation in our Asha and feature phone range – with the backing of Microsoft – a real boost to our goal of connecting the next billion people to the Internet.”

Asked about the misconception that Nokia is now gone for ever he answered:”That’s wrong in every way. For a start, the proposed deal for Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s Devices and Services business won’t be fully confirmed until next year.”
Nokia will of course continue as a company, building on the successful Here Maps platform and NSN.

Chris Webber also confirmed that the millions of Symbian devices currently in use would still be supported: “All of our guarantees and warrantees and promises stand. And yes, that includes support for Symbian until 2016, as we promised.”

You can read the whole interview on Nokia’s Conversations website, by clicking HERE

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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