Nokia Lumia 1020 and National Geographic

Oh boy, and so it begins. We had an avalanche of incredible photos posted all over the webosphere when the Nokia 808 PureView landed in the hands of professional photographers. Now, just over a year later with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, pro photographers are experiencing a similar first-class imagining experience on a phone.

Nokia Conversations has posted a great article on Stephen Alvarez, a National Geographic photographer, as he explores the Grand Canyon with a Lumia 1020 as his only camera.


Alvarez in action on the 1020
Alvarez in action on the 1020

The photos and videos are amazing, and remind us that Nokia remains the foremost device manufacturer when it comes to photography in a phone.

From the Nokia Conversations article:

“The trip was undertaken to challenge the imaging capabilities of the Lumia 1020 to its full limits, the results can be seen on the National Geographic website at and in the special 125th Anniversary Photography Edition of the National Geographic Magazine.”

Head over to NatGeo to see the photos in full-resolution.


Incredible stills from the 1020
Incredible stills from the 1020


Source: Nokia Conversations, National Geographic

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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