Hands On Video With the Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charging Stand


I received a review unit of the Nokia DT-910 wireless charging stand from the good people over at MobileFun who by the way have an enormous amount of Nokia Accessories as well as any mobile manufacturer, I encourage you to check out there Home page Here. The Nokia DT-910 has a nice build quality, and allows you also to stand your device upright. The difference between this and the Nokia DT-900 is not only the ability to stand your device Upright but it is also NFC enabled. You can tap the Nokia DT-910 which then would open up any application you would want in that mode. The app that opens by default when you tap to pair is a time & weather application that will show you time & weather on your screen when phone is being charged.

There is about a $20 price difference between the Nokia DT-910 vs the DT- 900 the choice would be strictly up to the individual whether the NFC & standing upright is worth the $20.00 extra.

Below I did a hands on Video of both products, you tell me which 1 you prefer, again I would like to thank MobileFun for sending us the trial unit & again check out there selection.

Lenny Bonsignore
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