Rumour: GDR3 to include notification center, “Appetite”

The much-awaited notification center has been widely believed to come included with Microsoft’s Windows Phone Blue update, which is slated to arrive early 2014. It seems that Microsoft may grant our wish sooner than we thought, as the latest rumours indicate that a notification center will be pushed out in GDR3.

WP Notification Center (GDR3? Blue?)
A leaked screenshot from a notification center previously in testing for WP8

It’s widely believed that Windows Phone Blue won’t be launched until early 2014. Until then, we’re being treated to some intermittent updates that include the currently rolling out GDR2 (General Distribution Release 2), Lumia Amber (Lumia devices only), and the upcoming GDR3. Both updates are small compared to what we are to expect to be a major update with Blue, but they bring welcome features that should have well been included in the initial release of Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately there are many things still missing that other popular OSes have, and we can only expect that Microsoft will close the gap with Blue. The Notification center is one of those features, which has been missing on Windows Phone since it’s inception back in 2010 and many users have loudly lamented this obvious omission.

Hearing that Microsoft may give it to us earlier than expected is great news, but we won’t know for sure until we get closer to the release of GDR3. Along with the added support for 1080p resolution and a few other goodies, it has also been rumoured that the update may include a feature called “Appetite”, which is seemingly shrouded in mystery. No one seems to know what it is, but it sounds pretty interesting.

If Microsoft’s recent restructuring is any indication of the company’s commitment to a quickening pace and improved synchronization across their OSes, then it would be great to see the fruit of their labour sooner than later. Guess we gotta “watch out for October” to see if/what Microsoft can provide their slowly growing user-base.

Source: Pocketnow

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