Instagraph extending to older Nokia S60v5 devices

We have been informed by a source, that one of the early 3rd party Windows Phone Instagram clients, namely Instagraph is continuing its expansion onto other Nokia platforms. It doesn’t seem that long that we brought you the news that Venetasoft had released a Web Runtime version of Instagraph for Nokia Asha (S40) devices.  For those of you that haven’t updated from older Nokia devices, the Web Runtime version of Instagraph is soon to appear in the Nokia Store for S60v5 devices.


From what we know the newest variant of Instagraph will work on any S60 devices that support widgets. This is all backed by a new video we have found on David Lorenzin’s YouTube channel.

We are also made to believe that as with the Windows Phone version of Instagraph some of the top Imaging apps on S40 and S60 are also to integrate with Instagraph to add Instagram account creation and image upload.

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