DerreLeaks: “Bittersweet Shimmer” to be next Nokia Lumia GDR3 update

Android is known for it’s alphabetized software releases and how they relate to sweets like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwhich and Jellybean. Nokia decided to adopt a similar alphabetizing scheme with the release of the first Symbian^3 update, though they focused on female names (i.e. Anna, Belle, and the defunct Carla). Now it seems that they are focusing on a unique color naming scheme for the Nokia Lumia software releases.

Nokia Lumia Bittersweet Shimmer

The above screenshot, was tipped off to the guys over at NokiaPowerUser, apparently showing the “Extra+Info” page for a future Lumia software version following the upcoming GDR3 update. It definitely works to prove my theory that Nokia was once again going with an alphabetized naming scheme, though I was never quite sure what it was until now. Bittersweet Shimmer is a color, one quite similar to mauve, but a tad lighter. Amber is, as one can probably deduce, similar to the color of actual amber, a brown-ish yellow, almost like honey.

It is also claimed from NPU that “due to whatever reasons” their tipper could not obtain screenshots of the notification center, and that they will come soon, further speculating that it will be pushed out to GDR3. In addition, they received some information on the new feature dubbed “Appetite”:

“The tipster also mentions “Appetite” as an apps showcase for Lumia and Asha devices with news about new releases, upcoming apps and events.”

That’s cool and all, but it’s a little less interesting than I was hoping it would be. Seems more like yet another version of Apps Social, formerly known as App Highlights.

At this point, we can’t be sure if this is real or not, so take this with some skepticism. I have noticed that all the version numbers are pretty much the same as the current Lumia Amber versions, with the exception of Feedback to Nokia, which in the screenshot shows a version lower than what is on my Lumia 810. I dunno if that will be the actual case when the GDR3 rolls out, so until then my recommendation for this leak is to Hold.

Source: Nokiapoweruser

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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