DerreLeaks: Nokia product codenames leaked; hints at 7 new devices

evleaks is at it again! Tweeted earlier today was a list of new Nokia product codenames, some of which we’ve heard before.

The first codename, Bandit, has circulated quite a bit lately as the phablet that Nokia is set to announce this fall. Rivendell was also mentioned before in a tweet last month, and is believed to be the 10″ Windows 8/RT tablet that the company is rumored to announce as early as next month.

Nokia Bandit Phablet device?
This leaked photo, which has been around for quite some time now, may show us what the phablet device, codename “Bandit”, may look like.


Red Nokia Tablet
Here we may be looking at the upcoming Nokia tablet device, codename “Rivendell”

As for the other product names, I’ve yet to hear any news of them. Some may turn out to be Asha devices. I’m speculating that “Shorty” may account for a smaller-screened device, maybe a 4″ Lumia? Pegasus does sound pretty high-end to me, and I feel like I’ve heard this codename before.

So, we have 7 new devices from Nokia heading for us sometime between now and… February? It’s been said that the company plans to launch a new device each month starting in September and ending possibly in November, so we may see multiple devices per month or even some being held off for MWC.

Source: evleaks

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Lenny Bonsignore
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    • I mean that’s a possibility. These could just be releases pre-WP Blue, and we could be looking at a slew of new devices for MWC

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