Nokia Shell CC-3068 for the Lumia 520 Review



Last week I’ve said the Nokia Lumia 520 would really look good in a different color shell.  As advertised by Nokia, the Lumia 520 comes in color Black, White, Yellow, Cyan, and Red.

lumia 520 colors

Unfortunately the default stock that came in for the US Carriers only came in Black for AT&T and White for T-Mobile.  Good thing these shell are swappable and can be bought separately as accessories. The name of the OEM shell accessory is called Nokia Shell CC-3068.

These OEM shell case were really hard to find, I’ve checked eBay and Amazon and found some but I can’t even trust if they are OEM Original case from Nokia. Wireless Carriers don’t even carry these yet as the Lumia 520 is not yet a popular demand here in the US.

Good thing a Twitter friend @cliftonmthomas had notified me that these Nokia Shell Case are available from a UK based online store MobileFun. The available colors they have are Yellow, Red, and White. It came down to Red VS Yellow for me, which in the end I ended up picking Yellow.

I placed the order last week 8/14/2013 and received it today 8/20/2013. So I guess it took them almost a week to deliver. Then again like I said they are based in the UK.

Now lets get down to the price..

The Price was $12.99 which I think was a reasonable for a Nokia OEM product.

The Tax was 8.9% which is $1.15 and Shipping $3.26 (the cheapest Shipping cost) I guess tax may vary by State.

My Total was $17.40 which was pretty good considering its coming from the UK.


The Shell Case came in a Padded Enveloped which was very well protected.


Comparing The Two Cases:

Like I said the Stock Black that came with the phone was Matte and has a Rubbery Feel to it like the one on the HTC 8X.

 photo WP_20130820_008_zpsc81fcfeb.jpg

The Yellow surprisingly did not have the rubbery feel, just the Matte feel. I compare the feel of the Yellow case to material used on the Lumia1020. So rest assured you are not getting the Shiny Lumia 920 feel on this Yellow case. But the down side is since its Yellow and Matte it gets dirty easily.

Like I said this case is an OEM Nokia product. The buttons feels the same as the Original Stock Black case that came with the phone.

All in all.. This case is highly recommended. It might not have the rubbery feel to it, but it feels really good in hand and does not feel slippery.

Here are some photos of the Nokia Shell CC-3068

 photo photo1_zps4f18d240.jpg

 photo WP_20130820_005_zps756f76ee.jpg

 photo WP_20130820_006_zpsb0eb2fc5.jpg
So How do you like the Lumia 520 in Yellow? Let us know..

If you want to order this case or any other products please check out MobileFun Page. They have a huge amount of accessories & products for all mobile platforms.