AdDuplex Show Lumia Account for 86.9% of Windows Phone, 2 Million Lumia 520’s Sold in July?


AdDuplex, the Windows Phone data collection blog has released their figures for August 2013 and it shows that Nokia’s Lumia range has increased their dominance of the platform compared to last month, when they owned 85.4% to a new high of 86.9%. The Nokia Lumia 520 has also increased its leading share of all Windows Phone devices, rising 4.7% to 18%.


Whilst on the subject of the Lumia 520, Kamal Mishra of the NokiaPowerUser blog has done some interesting calculations based on these figures and work out that 2 million Lumia 520’s may have been sold in the month of July. They also work out that somewhere on the region of 3.7 million Windows Phones were sold last month also.

Others interesting statistics in AdDuplex’s findings show how the Lumia 1020 is performing against other devices on WP in its first weeks of availability. In the USA, the only country where available, it places 17th.

In the United States it is the higher end Lumia 822 which dominates the pie chart, the Verizon variant of the 820 has 18%. The 820 itself has just 3% of the USA Windows Phone market.


There is some very interesting stats on the AdDuplex blog, well worth a look.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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