Video: Car Mode App Hands On



We have been taking a look at the Car Mode app which allows Nokia Lumia owners to open up a “Car Mode CR200” screen which originally was only available to those that connected their device to Nokia’s Wireless Charging Car Cradle over NFC.
Car Mode is a driver friendly screen which gives you three controls, Here Drive+, Nokia Music and Quick Call. Above the controls is an information panel which lets you swipe between the current time and date, your battery status and the weather. Watch the video below for my hands on.

Car Mode is free but a pro version is available which lets you program an NFC tag to open the app, and by passes the Nag Screen which can come up when you try to open the app from the Live Tile. Despite Car Mode only really working on Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 it does not seem to be Lumia exclusive. If you have a non Lumia Windows Phone (I believe there are a few of you out there) let us know if you can down load it from the store.

Download it from The Store HERE